Cheapest and best 18650 battery charger

Cheapest and best 18650 battery chargerFor those who know me even in the slightest, you'll know that I have a penchant for a decent torch. Those enlightened individuals will know that that the best bang per buck in terms of luminescence are the Cree led chips. My fascination with flashlights started with a curiosity to see what night time off road cycling would be like. However the   more »

How to add better comments into SQL server

How to add better comments into SQL serverWhilst I'm firmly in the 'Tried and Test' camp for most things in life and I may only be new to SQL programming but there are just sometimes when I have to buck the mainstream trend and do it my way. One of these occasions is comments in SQL, the widely adopted way would be to use the prescribed double dash -- or the widely adopted   more »

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