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Cracking ice-cream flavour combo: Coconut and chocolate

Cracking ice-cream flavour combo: Coconut and chocolateOn yet another fun Saturday night out at National Cycling Centre to watch the Revolution Cycling Series I set off in search of a snack! I had often seen the ice cream stand at the Sapporo noodle bar, but had never tried the ice cream. I joined the queue to get myself an ice cream, deciding to get two scoops (despite declining the offer   more »

The great Indian restaurant lamb scandal?

The great Indian restaurant lamb scandal?Whilst we were out in Tanzania on Safari something wasn't quite adding up, every night at the hotels there was several Lamb dishes to be found on the menu. The thing was vexing me was that despite being in the country for nearly a week and spending at least eight hours a day driving through various types of countryside I'd yet to lay eyes   more »

Slow cooker goulash

Slow cooker goulash Slow Cooker Goulash Recipe By Martin Childs Authentic tasting, easy and tweakable from a soup to a hearty main meal. My first experience of this popular Hungarian dish was during a trip to Budapest to visit a friend. We we stopped for a bite to eat having visited the Royal Palace. I'm a fan of sampling the local cuisine when we are   more »

Perfect Corn on the Cob

Perfect Corn on the Cob Corn on the Cob Recipe By Martin Childs A super easy and cheaper corn on the cob recipe. If there is one con in the food retail business it is adding value to your product when you simply don't need to - sweetcorn is the prime example. It is almost impossible to find a corn on the cob in the supermarket with it's husk intact. Most   more »

Roasted Monkey Nuts review

Roasted Monkey Nuts review Roasted Monkey Nuts Reviewed by Martin Childs £1.00 per 250g Nutrition per 25g as consumed: 155kcal; 12.0g fat (2.1g saturates); 7.1g protein; 2.6g carbs ;trace salt. Quality snacking at a good price. These roasted monkey nuts really are great, their roasted flavour really does make them much more tasty than their regular plain   more »

Quick & Tasty Coleslaw

Quick & Tasty Coleslaw Coleslaw Recipe By Martin Childs A quick, easy and healthy alternative to shop bought coleslaw. Once you've tasted homemade coleslaw and you see how easy it is to make your own, I'm telling you theres no way back. I certainly haven't, I now find the shop bought variety unnecessarily swimming in some white saucy stuff and if you   more »

Chorizo and Pepper Pasta

Chorizo and Pepper Pasta Chorizo & Red Pepper Pasta Recipe By Martin Childs Super tasty, super cheap and super easy - what else do you need for a dish! I normally make a very similar-ish meal with sliced pepperoni, but having been seduced in sainsburys by a chorizo ring I don't think I'm going back! The texture it adds to the dish makes it for me plus   more »

Alison and Martin's Carbonara

Alison and Martin's Carbonara Pork & Mushroom Carbonara By Alison Hardy & Martin Childs A quick cheap and tasty twist on your traditional dish I'm a fan of Carbonara but don't care so much for pancetta, it's more than double the price for what amounts to basically bacon. I don't like using regular bacon in the recipe either - I only buy thick cut   more »

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