Decathlon / B'Twin tyre lever review

Decathlon / B'Twin tyre lever

Reviewed by Martin Childs

Decathlon, £2.50 for three

Thin enough to get under the tightest bead but strong and cheap.

This is definately one product that bucks the old saying of:

Light, strong and cheap: choose two

These little strokes of genius from Decathlon are where tyre levers are at. My previous favourite tyre lever was these Pedros jobbies. They come in funky colours, are super chunky strong and have a nice large but slim bead hook great for getting deep into rims and tight tyres.

However times are a changing, today low bead hooks are commonplace and rims with no bead hook at all are here. Following the trend of more recent designs this design from Decathlon has a short stubby flat 'hook' with a slim body that takes up minimal space. Extra design features include a nifty schraeder valve nubbin for deflating mtb tyres. Given Decathlon's renowned price/quality ratio you'd be thinking that for £2.50 these would fall into the budget category, but after several years of testing I can safely say that these fellas are tough enough for even the tightest beaded road tyres.

As a further bonus in the VFM stakes you get three levers - buy two packs for a fiver and you are set for life with three sets to use.

Rating: 5 out of 5


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