How to remove bicycle tyre marks from painted walls

This is probably the bain of a lot of cyclist's lives, well the ones that keep their bikes indoors anyhow, despite how careful you are it is just a matter of time before you inadvertantly catch a tyre on the wall as you wheel your bike around.

No probs you would think, bit of Cif and the mark'd come right off. No such luck here, for some reason the stain refuses to shift. Sure you can rub at it hard but all that acheives is the removal of the paint.

Magic sponges

After pondering the situation for a couple of years and in conjunction with another household cleaning problem that I decided to buy some magic sponges. Pretty cheap really when you buy them off ebay - a 10 pack was less than a couple of quid delivered first class

Dampen them up and a bit of rubbing later - hey presto, marks gone, and when it's dry it is like they were never there.

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