Musing of the day 09-Jan-2017

Had a right good chuckle to my self whilst on holiday in Cambodia, in the spirit of travelling light I'd left my electric toothbrush at home favoring the good ol' fashioned way of doing things.

I've never been a fan of the manual way - always found it a bit too awkward and unusually for me being ambidextrous I suddenly realized that I'd never actually tried it with the other hand.

Great, I immediately gave it a go, swapping from my usual left handed technique to the right hand. The results were pretty close in all respects apart from one - the previously most tricky cleaning spot was with the left outer teeth using my left hand (left-outer/left). Whilst my right-outer/left performance compared to left-outer/right was equal, there was a significant gain in ability to articulate my wrist in right-outer/right mode than left-outer/left. We were looking at about a 25% proficiency gain. Nice one I thought.

It was at this point my emotions changed, as I relayed my latest findings to Ali the onset of disappointment encroached me. For someone who seeks pleasure in proficiency of ambidextrousity and have a constant strive for  efficiency gains - realisation I'd never thought of trying it was vexing!

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