Desk stand and holder for Surface Pro 3 & 4

Desk stand and holder for Surface Pro 3 & 4   more »

Future proof your memories

The way I visualise me journeys Gpx Will be able to relive in 3d when   more »

Excel auto segmentation and banding tool

   more »

How we should be buying houses - pounds per square meter

   more »

Using OR in SUMIF in Excel

Things have moved on since the days of DSUM, we now have the likes of SUMIFS from Excel 2007 onwards. Can't even remember life before SUMIFS having never being a fan on DSUM. But with all things in life everything moves on, everything is never good enough and now SUMIFS's shortcomings are beginning to pop up. The other week the need came   more »

Geocache Log Sheets download

Geocache Log Sheets downloadOne of the highlights of my summer was the adoption of a supplementary passtime, having recently picked up a copy of the National Trust's 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 to inspire fun activities to be enjoyed with my niece and nephew I proceeded to introduce them to it. Unfortunately despite them falling very short of the cut-off turns   more »

Musing of the day 09-Jan-2017

Had a right good chuckle to my self whilst on holiday in Cambodia, in the spirit of travelling light I'd left my electric toothbrush at home favoring the good ol' fashioned way of doing things. I've never been a fan of the manual way - always found it a bit too awkward and unusually for me being ambidextrous I suddenly realized that   more »

How to restore normal.dotm in Microsoft Word 2016

Technically you dont need a file just delete it/ leave it deleted and you can still open a blank document. If your OCD makes you recreate it then just follow these steps: So you've changed/deleted/got an old version of your blank word document template go to  %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\ and rename normal.dotm to something else like   more »

Cracking ice-cream flavour combo: Coconut and chocolate

Cracking ice-cream flavour combo: Coconut and chocolateOn yet another fun Saturday night out at National Cycling Centre to watch the Revolution Cycling Series I set off in search of a snack! I had often seen the ice cream stand at the Sapporo noodle bar, but had never tried the ice cream. I joined the queue to get myself an ice cream, deciding to get two scoops (despite declining the offer   more »

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