Musing of the day 15-Nov-2015

Another 'never thought I'd say it' musing of the day, it turns out I actually found a legitimate use for facebook!

It's not that I'm against faffing on the internet - hell I'm probably one of the worst proponents, it is just beyond me why you'd want to depress yourself by endlessly scrolling through facebook as the numerous studies have proven. You should follow my lead and stick to spending hours perusing ebay (mostly for torches) or anything generally cycling or Raspberry Pi related.

So it turns out I forgot to rate the last film I watched on my filmography: Ted 2. I'd mean't to do it the next day but obviously forgot. Having just remembered I'd yet to record it's rating I asked Ali when we'd seen it, it was then she reached for her phone, fired up Facebook and rewound her chat log back a couple of weeks to locate when she had told her niece we'd seen it.

I'm not sure this recall ability justifies the endless lost hours spent on the app or the privacy issues of surrounding it, but it did solve my dilemma and its a first for me being grateful to FB!

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