Perfect Corn on the Cob

Corn on the Cob Recipe

A super easy and cheaper corn on the cob recipe.

If there is one con in the food retail business it is adding value to your product when you simply don't need to - sweetcorn is the prime example. It is almost impossible to find a corn on the cob in the supermarket with it's husk intact. Most retailers insist on removing the natural protection, trimming the ends, packaging it in plastic in a special atmosphere then storing it in a chiller when there is absolutely no need.

Why do they do this I hear you ask, one reason alone: profit - they can now charge you twice as much. If you ask them they'd probably say that customers prefer to buy them this way - this is probably true as in my cooking/shopping lifetime this is the only way I remember it being so of course they are going to say they prefer it if they don't know any different!

The recipe is super easy - place the sweetcorn complete with husks intact into the oven for 25-30mins at your favourite temperature (180 - 200 deg C), when they are ready take them out, peel back the leaves which now double up as a convenient handle and you are pretty much ready to go apart from removing any remain hairy fibres and smearing over some butter if you wish.

Oven roasting is a great way of cooking your cob, the husk stops all of the moisture evaporating so the sweetcorn steams itself in its own juices - nice. And who can't be impressed with the pure simplicity of it.

Serves 2

2 corn on the cobs with husk intact
Knob of butter (optional)


1. Place corn (husk on) in preheated oven
2. Cook for 25-30 mins
3. Smear with butter (optional)
4. enjoy.


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