SSL on a RaspberryPi - does it slow your site down?

First up I'm sorry about bathering on about this SSH thing but I to be honest I'm padding out the blog posts a little bit as there's one article I've written that I'm just not sure I want to publish, It's nothing bad, just not in keeping with the tone of this site so I've racked it up at the end of the post ready to go and keep adding posts in front of it.

Not that this is not an unimportant poin, it was a question I was pondered for a while - I wasn't sure if I wanted to invest in the purchase of a SSL certificate when all I'd end up doing was to slow the serving of my pages down.

Well, now I've taken the plunge, read about how to install a free SSL certificate on a RaspberryPi here:

What I can confirm (I should have tested load times before or after but I didn't think about it), it that I actually think my server runs faster, and I'm using one of the original RaspberryPi Model B!

A SLL certificate doesn't noticeably slow my RaspberryPi webserver down.

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