TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant

TF2 Extreme Wet Lubricant

Reviewed by Martin Childs

Weldite, 75ml £3.49/ 125ml £5.79 (£46 per litre)

Seriously sticky, but too much goop?

I thought I was on a winner here, an extreme wet lube with TF2 for extra slipperiness at an OK price.

Well I was just plain wrong! This stuff does live up to it's extreme moniker but it was just too extreme for my liking.

The problem with it is that it sticks to itself to easily and as you rotate teh chain to apply it a whole load of stringy cobweb like threads of lube appear as the chain rolls off the jockey wheels/cassette/chainrings.

That in itself isn't a killer but it has the tendency to then splatter all over you rims and tyres - not the best.

Not wanting to let my money go to waste I've taken to mixing it with my previously reviewed Wilko Performance Lube. Doing so knocks back the stringiness and thickens the Wilko lube up a bit and after about a year and a half now I've managed to use it all up!

One point in its favour is that the spout unscrews so I'm planning to reuse the empty bottle if I can source some cheap lube in bulk.

Rating: 1 out of 5


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