The secrets of Alex Dowsett's hour record bike

Had an awesome time watching Alex Dowsett's excellent showing at todays world hour record attempt.

First off some stats about the bike:

  • Canyon Speedmax WHR custom built with track drop outs;
  • 114inch gearing (55x11)
  • Continental Tempo 22mm tubulars (13-15bar pressure)
  • Campagnolo Pista disc wheels
  • Weight 7.71kg

He had a total of four frames made and had them all built ready so he had threee spares on the day.

During his post effort interview he was answering a question about how far he could go he gave aways a couple of interesting snippets. He was saying that he wasn't sure of how he would do as as the developement of the bike was evolving he was getting faster.

One of the developements to his custom he didn't name but eluded to:

Some of the modifications will only last a hour

This interesting comment got me thinking, what kind of tweak would only be temporary? I immediately  was thinking that it may be some kind of  spray on / liquid based enhancement? I'll have to look into this one further...

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