Musing of the day 22-Feb-2017

I love an analogy, there's nothing better than pushing your explanation across the line with an unequivocal corresponding example in everyday life. I think I've crossed the line this time though, I'd been asked to rate the presentation I'd just been given on a subject outside of my specific skill set; I responded that it was   more »

Musing of the day 20-Nov-2015

I'm currently in Ghent for the famous 6 day race at the velodrome. The atmosphere is awesome the best inner circle is packed with beer drinking spectators enjoying the spectacle and dancing to the music the DJ is pumping out in time to the racing. All this beer drinking has its downside though, every toilet in Belgium seems to be chargeable, even   more »

Musing of the Day 9-Sep-2015

I think that my work colleagues have finally worked me out! Yesterday I was quetly working away at my desk when I felt a sneeze coming on. Sure enough it arrived and was promptly followed by the usual exchange of excusses and blessing. After which I remarked about my satisfaction of the preceeding event - it was one of those sneezes that you   more »

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