Aldi GPS watch review

Aldi GPS Watch

Reviewed by Martin Childs

Aldi, £64.99

Awesomly bargainous.

What can I say, picked one of these fellas up today, its really great for only £65.

I'll get a more thorough reveiw once I had it a while but heres some initial notes.

Features which set it apart from anything in its up to more than double its price:

  • Four different sport profiles, each one has a customisable screens.
  • You have three screens each with three lines of info, all are totally configurable by profile!
  • Battery life of 16hours in GPS recording mode & 1 year as a watch!
  • Records altitude in data file;
  • Has an included heart rate belt and records data in log;
  • Charges really quickly (should have put a timer on it, about an hour).

If you want to read the manuals and check out the software, youcan download them from here.

What it can't do:

  • It is only rain proof - can't be used for swimming.

Slight irritation:

  • Data file contains your local time - not UTC, this confuses Strava and in British summer time will show you ride 1 hour later. Don't panic though, I have a fix here.

Verdict: snap one up now before they've gone!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


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