How to shift the time in your GPX file

How to shift the time in your GPX fileHere are the intructions to shift the time of you GPX file, especially useful if you have just bought an Aldi GPS watch: Step one Download and install GPS Babel. Step two In the folder where you store your gpx files create a new text document and rename it GPX minus 1hr.bat making sure you change the whole file name including the file   more »

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Aldi GPS watch review

Aldi GPS watch review Aldi GPS Watch Reviewed by Martin Childs Aldi, £64.99 Awesomly bargainous. What can I say, picked one of these fellas up today, its really great for only £65. I'll get a more thorough reveiw once I had it a while but heres some initial notes. Features which set it apart from anything in its up to more than double its   more »

Musing of the day 23-June-2014

Well I'd never thought I'd say it but today I was greatly tickled by an anagram - surely a sign of getting older! The amusement came as I was looking through the expenses of an operating unit at work, there was a bunch of costs to repair some damages to hire cars, each narrative had the reg. number of the car in question - one of them   more »

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Giant P-R3 Tyre Review

Giant P-R3 Tyre Review Giant P-R3 Tyre Reviewed by Martin Childs Front weight 285g, £20 Rear weight 287g, £20 A solid performer, decent enough quality for a stock tyre. These tyres originally came from Ali's 2012 Giant Defy 1. The bike arrived with a slow puncture which eventually gave way a couple of rides into ownership. I had bought some   more »

Wilko Performance Lubricant cycle oil review

Wilko Performance Lubricant cycle oil review Wilko Performance Lubricant Reviewed by Martin Childs Wilko, £2.49 (£25 per litre) All the lubing you need at a lower price. One thing that really winds me up is the commercialisation of cycling. This includes when companies take some generic product stick a label on it with the picture of a bike and charge many times the price.   more »

Quick & Tasty Coleslaw

Quick & Tasty Coleslaw Coleslaw Recipe By Martin Childs A quick, easy and healthy alternative to shop bought coleslaw. Once you've tasted homemade coleslaw and you see how easy it is to make your own, I'm telling you theres no way back. I certainly haven't, I now find the shop bought variety unnecessarily swimming in some white saucy stuff and if you   more »

My first run ever!

My first run ever!After a couple of years of pestering (or as Ali would have it encouragement) I've taken up running. Having never been on a run voluntarily in my life (not sure you could class my activities during my school years as 'running') I decided to ease myself in steadily. It's when I was perusing the running asile at Decathlon when the   more »

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Chorizo and Pepper Pasta

Chorizo and Pepper Pasta Chorizo & Red Pepper Pasta Recipe By Martin Childs Super tasty, super cheap and super easy - what else do you need for a dish! I normally make a very similar-ish meal with sliced pepperoni, but having been seduced in sainsburys by a chorizo ring I don't think I'm going back! The texture it adds to the dish makes it for me plus   more »

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