Amsterdam Schiphol to Manchester flight GPX tracklog

My next blog entry from a string of flight inspired posts is another flight GPX tracklog.

This time from my weekend city break in Amsterdam. I initially thought this info might be a bit unique and interesting, but in the search to find some of the other flight details I came across It has some great info there, including to my amazement a log of the flight! Oh well, guess this will be ending my run of this type of post then.

Journey details
Flight easyJet EZY1836
Cruising Altitude 9,150m | Speed 775 km/h
Departure 02-Dec-2014, 21:15 - Amsterdam Schiphol
Arrival 02-Dec-2014, 21:25 - Manchester - Terminal 1
Aircraft Airbus A319

If you want to compare my data to that of Flightaware's here is the link: EZY1836

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