Rivington MTB ride

Rivington MTB rideI'd been itching to ride Rivvy ever since I realised that it was here that they held the Manchester Commonwealth games. I'd had a couple of attempts which ended up not being that great but it is when I happened across this route that the trails really hotted up. This route takes in the (obligatory for me) broken road descent and a lap   more »

Malaga to Manchester flight GPX tracklog - aborted landing

Malaga to Manchester flight GPX tracklog - aborted landingThis flight was a cracker, made extra special not only for the fact it was the first I was able to fully record on my GPX logger for later analysis - but for the added drama of the flight. First off the skies that day were a bit congested so we had to do an extra loop over Warrington whist we were waiting, but next there was great excitement. As   more »

Amsterdam Schiphol to Manchester flight GPX tracklog

Amsterdam Schiphol to Manchester flight GPX tracklogMy next blog entry from a string of flight inspired posts is another flight GPX tracklog. This time from my weekend city break in Amsterdam. I initially thought this info might be a bit unique and interesting, but in the search to find some of the other flight details I came across It has some great info there, including to my   more »

How to shift the time in your GPX file

How to shift the time in your GPX fileHere are the intructions to shift the time of you GPX file, especially useful if you have just bought an Aldi GPS watch: Step one Download and install GPS Babel. Step two In the folder where you store your gpx files create a new text document and rename it GPX minus 1hr.bat making sure you change the whole file name including the file   more »

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Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB ride

Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB rideThis route is a goto classic of mine, the north loop ridden clockwise, the climbing is pretty easy but there are some cracking descents. The south section is ridden anti-clockwise - it is not so imperveous to being wet and sloppy in the winter months, but give it a bit of frost and it'll be good to go. The highlight of the ride is the decent   more »

Moel Famau Double - MTB route

Moel Famau Double - MTB routeThe Clwydian Mountain range is and Area of Outstanding natural beauty. Once you gain a bit of height anywhere the views are stunning and on a clear day you can see over to Merseyside and Snowdon. I seem to ride here a lot in winter as most of the going is on well engineered paths and fireroad so is enjoyable even through the roughest of   more »

Peaks road quicky (aka the Sarah Storey ride)

Peaks road quicky (aka the Sarah Storey ride) For some reason given that I ride offroad way more than I do my road bike, my first ride post is fully on-road... This route developed from the want of a ride encompassing some great climbs of the peaks without the boredom of the 30km journey there and 30km back! So the hunt was on for a place to park up - as usual for me it needed to be   more »

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