Explode Excel Addin - download Latest 2008 version

After many months struggling with my favorite excel explode addin, I've finally discovered the solution to my issues.

The problems started after I arrived at a new job - the computers were super locked down and they had Office 2010. I had problems installing the addin and even when it was working there was no 'Explode..' option on the right-click context menu - my main way of accessing it. I also couldn't click outside the window when it was running, most inconvenient. I eventually got used to using the ribbon shortcut but then I ran into more trouble.

I got myself a new laptop, this one was a vast improvement on the brick I had before - everything ran super quick, however it had one major issue - it had Office 2015 64bit installed. I could get the addin installed but it wouldn't run. I spend an age tweaking the security and trusted location settings to no avail.

It was then I got thinking, I know that it had been discontinued some years ago but did I have the latest version installed, the quick answer was NO! My mistake - not following my own blog posting, Checking against the version I had on my home PC I had downloaded it from a different website and had the 2002 edition not the 'latest' 2008 version. Dumb-ass.

So to sum up:

Only download from the original XL-Logic.com website (the main website has been taken down but the download section still works.
Or you can download from my mirror.
Don't download from the Clubfinance Project Finance website - it's a really old version!

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