A datedif function for excel that calculates correctly

This is one of those little quirks in excel that's annoyed me for a while, there must be some method in their madness but I've yet to come across anybody that thinks it is logically the way forward; so I've written one for you to use. The way the in-built function works is that it reports back the answer as how many months apart are   more »

Create custom Excel function using an array/range input

My new adage of "You only know what you know how to google" - Martin Childs, 2016 stood true for this little puzzler, the answer wasn't apparent from simply googling it! All I wanted was to do something to a range input in a custom Excel function, easy you'd think - not in this case. I toiled for a bit of time before conceding that   more »

Using OR in SUMIF in Excel

Things have moved on since the days of DSUM, we now have the likes of SUMIFS from Excel 2007 onwards. Can't even remember life before SUMIFS having never being a fan on DSUM. But with all things in life everything moves on, everything is never good enough and now SUMIFS's shortcomings are beginning to pop up. The other week the need came   more »

How to assign a shortcut key to the Explode Excel addin

How to assign a shortcut key to the Explode Excel addinSorry to bore you with yet another Explode addin post, but I think this is worth it on a couple of fronts. Assingning a shortcut key to the explode plug-in makes more awesome - being able to devle into those dependants even quicker. Also seeing as as my initial explode post is one of my most read posts, I know you'll all lap it up. There are   more »

Create your own custom formatting shortcut in excel

Create your own custom formatting shortcut in excelLike with most things in life, the longer you do something for the more you get set in your ways. Excel is no exception and if I'm a sucker for anything it's number formatting. Maybe it's the accountant in me, but I think negative numbers are easier to read and look far more stylish wiht a bracket around them. Then if you are going to   more »

Explode Excel Addin - download Latest 2008 version

Explode Excel Addin - download Latest 2008 versionAfter many months struggling with my favorite excel explode addin, I've finally discovered the solution to my issues. The problems started after I arrived at a new job - the computers were super locked down and they had Office 2010. I had problems installing the addin and even when it was working there was no 'Explode..' option on the   more »

How to reset the default cell formatting in an Excel spreadsheet

How to reset the default cell formatting in an Excel spreadsheetOne of the more irritating things you can come across in someones elses spreadsheet (on the basis that I've never managed to reproduce it myself) is when somehow the default style has been changed to spit out a daft format of 00:00:00 for seemingly any number. This is especially apparant of you are a regular user of the clear formats function.   more »

Excel: create static random number generator function which doesn't change

The random function in excel is a bit lacking if you ask me, I may only use it a little but when I do it is always frustrating that when I want to assign random numbers to a list of something Just wack this in your spreadsheet or personal macros workbook: then you are free to use   more »

An enhanced name manager for Microsoft Excel

An enhanced name manager for Microsoft ExcelNamed ranges are one of those marmite things in Excel, either you use them or you don't. I sit between the two camps and my utilisation depends on two things: Firstly who the end user will be and whether they'll need to interact with them. The other is a timesaving thing - their use will depend on if it will save me time over the long   more »

Extract a Surname from a string in Excel

Extract a Surname from a string in ExcelThere comes a point in every Excel users workflow that they've got to work with a list of names. Usually the data you get is in the wrong format, or you have to compare two dataset of different formats. This can be frustrating but here is a quick guide of how to manipulate them. This tutorial is based around extracting the surname / family   more »

Creating hyperlinks in Excel that are relative & actually work

Creating hyperlinks in Excel that are relative & actually work If you've ever tried to create a hyperlinks in excel you'll know what a pain they are. The hyperlink tool on the Insert ribbon is quite useful, but it is a pain to create a lot of them. The big problem however is that they are not relative - if you add more columns or rows suddenly your hyperlink is pointing to the wrong place. You could   more »

Excel function to list worksheet names

Excel function to list worksheet namesEver wanted to list all the tabs in a workbook or reference a specific sheet by its placing, look no further..... This funky little custom VBA function can be used simply as a contents sheet, This is a particularily useful tool tool when used with the indirect function, it will allow you to soft-link to any cell within your worksheet. There are a   more »

Explode - the must have excel add in

Explode - the must have excel add inExcel's built in formula auditing tools is and always has been rubbish, sure you may have got used to how they work and feel quite competent/happy with it - but the Explode excel addin will blow your mind! If you work with excel a lot and you don't use the add in Explode you're in one of two camps: not a power user, or both amazed   more »

Make a cell look like a button in Excel

Make a cell look like a button in ExcelThere a sometimes in excel where you want to create a button but you don't want to introduce VB into your workbook (there are many reasons not to) - heres how. I'm a great advocate of not using VBA / macros when you don't have to - they are not widely understood, easy to break when you alter the workbook and introduce a plethora of   more »

Excel - Add comment directly into formulas

Excel - Add comment directly into formulasEver known anybody who hardcodes numbers into formulas? Does it drives you mad because they leave no explanation of why? Well this may be the function you should tell them about. You can use the N() function to add a comment inline with a formula. What it actually is mean't for is to try to convert a string into a number, but if you just put   more »

Excel - Calculating Pi

Excel - Calculating PiIf you are finding the inbuilt excel function for =Pi() is just a bit too dull, there a handy function to calculate Pi on the fly. You may want to use it sparingly though, too many times in one spreadsheet or to many decimal places and you'll grind to a halt as it is a bit processor hungry!: Function myPi(places) 'Places is the number of   more »

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Excel - Unhide all sheets

Excel - Unhide all sheetsThis little sub quickly unhides all hidden sheets (including xlVeryHidden). I use it frequently as people tend to hide worksheets which are no longer needed rather than just delete them, also especially useful when trying to dissect other peoples creations. It also has some sneaky uses, I regularily come across people who like to protect the   more »

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