Malaga to Manchester flight GPX tracklog - aborted landing

This flight was a cracker, made extra special not only for the fact it was the first I was able to fully record on my GPX logger for later analysis - but for the added drama of the flight.

First off the skies that day were a bit congested so we had to do an extra loop over Warrington whist we were waiting, but next there was great excitement.

As we were just about to touch down the pilot had to make an emergency abort. Cool. It was like a roller coaster ride - we took in a nice hit of G. Our sharp ascent was then combined with a steep banking turn - it felt like I we were aboard a fighter jet.

The excitement didn't stop there, on our second approach I was eagerly watching out of the window trying to figure out what went wrong when I spotted that the whole of the Manchester Airport fire and rescue fleet had mustered and were rapidly chasing us down the landing strip - awesome!

After we had safely parked up the other side of the airfield the pilot came on the intercom to explain what had happened. Apparently there was an aircraft on the runway which had lost radio contact with the tower, under such a circumstance they shut the strip down until they can get back in touch. We just happened to be in the best place for that to happen - just about to touch down. Then standard protocol dictates that the emergency vehicles are then mobilised as a precaution if an aircraft aborts a landing.

Journey details
Flight Thomson Airways TOM2743
Cruising Altitude 11,950m | Speed 750 km/h
Departure 06-Oct-2013, 10:55 - Malaga
Arrival 06-Oct-2013, 12:55 - Manchester - Terminal 2


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