My first run ever!

After a couple of years of pestering (or as Ali would have it encouragement) I've taken up running. Having never been on a run voluntarily in my life (not sure you could class my activities during my school years as 'running') I decided to ease myself in steadily.

It's when I was perusing the running asile at Decathlon when the pace started to pick up.

I'm a big fan of Decathlon - they are firmly in the low margin/high volume market but their goods are quality. Another bonus is that their merchandise is all on the shelves so I was able to try as many different varieties and sizes as Iliked without the supervision of an assistant and the waiting time to get your size.

Starting at the bottom of the price range the first couple I tried on were not a good fit and were definately for pronators, moving up the range I landed on these fellas: adidas Furano Quest, perfect in a size 44. They duly made it to my Amazon wishlist, and ended up on my present pile come my birthday.

So fast forward a few weeks later and I've been thinking about going for a run for a few days, the weather was nice so I thought I'd bash out a couple of laps of the park. Not that bad really, 1.8km and 6:30/km with not that much effort. Suffice to say - it may take a while to build up my run specific muscles.

Here's my strava upload, not much to see really as its all in my privacy zone. All I have to work out now is how many kms I have to run in my new shoes to have got enough use out of them before I can retire!



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