My new scale for measuring oldness

Well I suppose it was inevitable, when you suddenly realise you are getting older by the things you catch yourself doing/saying thinking getting more frequent.

The latest thing I've noticed is that my propensity to fart in public has increased exponentially! It used to be the case that I'd internalise the pain of holding in a ripper for hours on end rather than suffer the embarassment of being discovered as letting one go. Oh so I've changed, nowdays I'd quite freely let one rip on the basis it's much better for me that I've dealt it out.

Fair enough I hear you say, so long as you slip away unnoticed that fair enough, but these days I seem to be freely parping with little care who either smells or hears it. It was this which has led to the developement of a scale for measuring oldness based on a measurement of PPP - public parping propensity. I'm still working out the details but it is a relative scale, I'll have to do a survey though to clibrate it as I'm not in the advanced stages of life so I'm not sure at which point letting rip at formal social occasions and trumping in the office feature on the scale.

So stay tuned and I'll update you shortly.

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