My new scale for measuring oldness

My new scale for measuring oldnessWell I suppose it was inevitable, when you suddenly realise you are getting older by the things you catch yourself doing/saying thinking getting more frequent. The latest thing I've noticed is that my propensity to fart in public has increased exponentially! It used to be the case that I'd internalise the pain of holding in a ripper for   more »

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A datedif function for excel that calculates correctly

This is one of those little quirks in excel that's annoyed me for a while, there must be some method in their madness but I've yet to come across anybody that thinks it is logically the way forward; so I've written one for you to use. The way the in-built function works is that it reports back the answer as how many months apart are   more »

Raspberry Pi 3 HDMI overscan settings and how to correct them

Raspberry Pi 3 HDMI overscan settings and how to correct themIf you've ever plugged a Raspberry Pi into a tv you've probably come across this issue - the displayed image either doesn't fill the screen or over-runs it. The usual bit of googling reveals that all you have to do is tweak a couple of overscan settings and you are good to go. It sounds easy but three Raspberry Pis in and I've only   more »

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