Quick & Tasty Coleslaw

Coleslaw Recipe

A quick, easy and healthy alternative to shop bought coleslaw.

Once you've tasted homemade coleslaw and you see how easy it is to make your own, I'm telling you theres no way back. I certainly haven't, I now find the shop bought variety unnecessarily swimming in some white saucy stuff and if you look on the nutritional information on the side you always get a shock.

The recipe is so simple - equal amounts of carrot, white cabbage and onion which is easily sliced/grated and then mixed with your favourite low fat mayo.

It actually works out cheaper than the pre-prepared product you buy even given the fact that 1 cabbage is way more than you need. And as it's so easy to prepare you can keep making up batches when you need it until the cabbage is no longer usable.

It's also great for camping as you can prepare a couple of batches of the ingredients (without the mayo/salt/peper) and package them up. They will then last well and when it comes time to eat them you just mix in the salt/pepper/mayo and you are away.

Serves 2

1 medium carrot
White cabbage
half medium onion
Salt and pepper


1. Coarsly grate the carrot
2. Finely slice the cabbage & onion
3. Season with salt and pepper
4. Add a couple of dollops of mayo and mix well


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