Slow cooker goulash

Slow Cooker Goulash Recipe

Authentic tasting, easy and tweakable from a soup to a hearty main meal.

My first experience of this popular Hungarian dish was during a trip to Budapest to visit a friend. We we stopped for a bite to eat having visited the Royal Palace.

I'm a fan of sampling the local cuisine when we are travelling so I ordered the Goulash Soup served with a crusty roll. It was so delicious it has been a regular on our menu ever since the arrival of our slow cooker.

The bueaty of this dish is its flexibility - you can vary the consistency from a soup all the way through to a a casserole like viscosity just by varying the amount of tomatoes and water added.

The other great feature is that it is so tasty that you'll need only a little beef, this is despite the relatively short list of ingredients.

Serves 2

150 - 200g beef (stewing/casserole or as chep/expensive as you like)
two thirds of a red pepper
medium onion
tin of chopped tomatoes
• cumin
chilli (fresh/dried flake/powder)
salt and pepper
beef stock cube
crusty bread to serve


1. Roughly chop the oinions and brown in a frying pan with some oil then remove to the slow cooker
2. Dice the pepper and add to the slow cooker
3. Brown the diced beef on a high heat until it carmelises and remove to slow cooker
4. Keep the heat on the frying pan and add boiling water to at least 1cm depth and crumble in the stock cube.
5. With a (wooden) spatula scrape all surfaces of the pan until clean and add to the slow cooker
6. Add one third to a whole can of chopped tomatoes and top up with water to desired consistency (ensuring that you at least cover the ingredients)
7. Add three teaspoons of paprika and one of ground cumin, stir and season to taste
8. Cook according to your slow cooker's instructions (normally for me 6 - 8hrs)


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