How to display Flickr images on your own website

How to display Flickr images on your own websiteI've struggled for a long time trying to find a way to elegantly and simply display my flickr photos on my site. Up 'til now I've had to stick with slideshow apps from other websites like flickriver. This is until I found this blueimp Gallery when I was looking for some lightbox coding for my website. I didn't end up using the   more »

Best place to mount your MTB pump out of the way of dirt

Post in progress, check back   more »

My winter cycling kit breakdown

  Giro Savant helmet   Buff x2 neck from 5/6 deg, head from 3/4 Aldi oranged tinted sports glasses   Altura Etape GIllet up to about 11deg Aldi winter long sleeve cycling top This fella sees me ritgh though from Autumn to spring, it is the keystone to the whole outfit Helly Hanson LS baselayer From 7 deg and below Trespass Cruzado   more »

How to add a copyright tag to your photos quickly

How to add a copyright tag to your photos quicklyOne of the first things I do in my photography workflow is to add a copyright to it. My favourite and easy way of doing this is with a simple self created drag and drop file. It uses Exiftool which if you haven't heard of before is a massively useful command line tool for working with the meta data of your photos. In an upcoming post I'll   more »

Slow cooker goulash

Slow cooker goulash Slow Cooker Goulash Recipe By Martin Childs Authentic tasting, easy and tweakable from a soup to a hearty main meal. My first experience of this popular Hungarian dish was during a trip to Budapest to visit a friend. We we stopped for a bite to eat having visited the Royal Palace. I'm a fan of sampling the local cuisine when we are   more »

How to make a Shimano disc brake bleed spacer block

How to make a Shimano disc brake bleed spacer blockThe official bleed spacer is both really expensive to buy for what it is and hard to come by. Have a look at Shimano tech docs site, here you can see the official tech sheet detailing bleeding spacer you need. You may get lucky at your local bike shop, if you ask nicely they may have one to spare. If you want to save a few pounds and make one   more »

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