The blog has now reached 50 posts!

Well, I didn't think I had it in me to write so much, I'm generally not a person with much to say (this is a lot for me!).

My general interest in all things tech had always since the early days compelled me to want to make my own website, trouble is you actually need to have some content to put on it.

After a while toiling I'd decided that I'd like to use Blogger and write posts about excel. Great, I thought I was onto something here. I knocked my first two posts out on the same day in 2008 (I've re-published them on this site), but my third took another 6 months to appear then nothing after that.

It was then another five years before I blogged again, this is when I had the idea that I could blog about my favorite bike rides. Great as this also gave me the green light to get a RaspberryPi - I had always wanted one but couldn't really justify it as I had really got a use for it.

Now I was on, hosting my own web server and knocking up my own site. Ali weren't so happy in the early days - apart from cycling, eating and working I did little else (not much sleep either) as I had a lot on my plate. I'd previously only lightly tinkered with Linux and I'd yet to write a line of php so there was a lot to learn.

It actually turns out that I had much more than bike rides to share (its all relative - much for me isn't that much), and hopefully I've another 50 more posts in me. I don't think I've a novel or even a short story in me, and I think there's zero hope of an autobiography!

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