The blog has now reached 50 posts!

The blog has now reached 50 posts!Well, I didn't think I had it in me to write so much, I'm generally not a person with much to say (this is a lot for me!). My general interest in all things tech had always since the early days compelled me to want to make my own website, trouble is you actually need to have some content to put on it. After a while toiling I'd decided   more »

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Display your server uptime on your website

Display your server uptime on your websiteIf you host your own server and website like myself, you'll probably want to distplay your current uptime somewhere on your site. You are in luck, it is easy.... It uses the Linux command uptime and strips the unecessary gubbins from the output string: $ uptime This results contains some useful info including number of users logged on and   more »

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