The twitterbot is alive

My latest project is now live, the @childs_be twitterbot is a go.

The original idea was to have the pi tweet pictures from the barrelcam, at regular intervals. I had that running quite quickly and my attentions turned to adding functionality.

I came up with being able to tweet the server's uptime and cpu temperature, but it seemed a bit lame really. So some more thinking later I decided that it would have to be interactive.

So the idea of the twitterbot was born (OK, it's not the most original idea but hey). A few late nights and head scrathing later I had it up and running.

In the initial version I'd integrated all the functionality to automatically reply to a mentioned tweet, you can try it yourself by tweeting the Pi with these:

@childs_be #cputemp
@childs_be #uptime
@childs_be #barrelcam

or you can even string them altogether:

@childs_be #cputemp #uptime #barrelcam

Heres an example output.

Ask a question

Wanting to build on the functionality my thoughts turned to being able to respond to anything, so by hooking into to both Wolfram|Alpha & Wikipedia's APIs I'm now able to answer questions about a broad range of topics, you can try it youyself:

@childs_be #question what is a bicycle

Take a look at my post of how I did it and how you can run your own tweetbot.


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