The twitterbot is alive

The twitterbot is aliveMy latest project is now live, the @childs_be twitterbot is a go. The original idea was to have the pi tweet pictures from the barrelcam, at regular intervals. I had that running quite quickly and my attentions turned to adding functionality. I came up with being able to tweet the server's uptime and cpu temperature, but it seemed a bit lame   more »

Display your server uptime on your website

Display your server uptime on your websiteIf you host your own server and website like myself, you'll probably want to distplay your current uptime somewhere on your site. You are in luck, it is easy.... It uses the Linux command uptime and strips the unecessary gubbins from the output string: $ uptime This results contains some useful info including number of users logged on and   more »

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Raspberry Pi - record uptime

Raspberry Pi - record uptimeWell, i had pre-written a post celebrating a whole year of uptime for my RaspberryPi - guess I shouldn't have jinxed it! On Friday I came home to find the Pi unresponsive to web access, putty & vnc. There was noting for it and I had to suck up the loss and kill the power, oh well I shouldn't be to disappointed, 345 days is a respectable   more »

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