The great Indian restaurant lamb scandal?

Whilst we were out in Tanzania on Safari something wasn't quite adding up, every night at the hotels there was several Lamb dishes to be found on the menu. The thing was vexing me was that despite being in the country for nearly a week and spending at least eight hours a day driving through various types of countryside I'd yet to lay eyes on either a sheep let alone a lamb...

With this puzzling me I broached the subject with the safari guide, MacDonald. He reluctantly pointed out that I may well have been served goat. 'May' may have been an understatement, if there was any livestock I had seen in abundance it was indeed goat and thinking back I'd actually commented to myself on several occasions how desipte its looks, the meat I was served didn't taste very lamby and was a fair bit chewier.

So that begs the question, does this ever happen in this country?

Armed with this information I've been keen to conduct a thorough survey, said investigation has taken place over year where I've been sampling Lamb dishes as often as would allow. So far my conclusion is that I've yet to suspect anything other than bonefide lamb although I fear that I've only been frequenting a couple of different establishments which are not renowned for there low quality dishes so may have introduced some selection bias.

In the coming year I'm looking to some more vigarous testing!

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