Best travel mug update and review

Best travel mug update and reviewThe world is a funny place, no soon as you've found your perfect product, the manufacturer has found a way to make it cheaper and probably worse and eventually the shop stops selling it. This is the sad story of my constant quest to keep myself furnished in Travel mugs. If you've not read my previous editorial on the key constituents of a   more »

"You only know what you know how to google"

"You only know what you know how to google" - Martin Childs, 2016 This post was supposed to be about how create a custom Excel VBA function, the origination of the idea was despite my lifelong career of tinkering with excel I'd never come across or had the requirement to have a function cycle through the cell you input as a range to perform a   more »

Free up handlebar space with this tidy front light mounting trick

   more »

Best and worst seats at Manchester Velodrome

   more »

Solve slow network printing from Word

Faster printing over the network from word 34mb print spool to 4mb if pdf from a 26page document graph image word doc. Transmission speeds weren't any faster but took loads less time beacause of the reduced file   more »

Top sweets of all time

It's not often I'm partial to having sweets and it is safe to say that I am more of a savory person. So much so Cherry lips Foam bananas Haribo fangtastics Fizzy Cherry cola bottles Haribo tangy monsters - Apple flavour Giant   more »

Water fountain location at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3

Unlike at any of the Manchester Airport terminals where they are firmly intent on extracting the most money out of you as possible, Heathrow actually fare a little better - they advertise the locations on their airport plans. Actually I'm coming to realise the whole Manchester experience is pretty rubbish - crap food outlets, broken water   more »

The only time pineapple is allowed on a savory dish

   more »

How to pivot data by month in SQL and output to a temporary table

How to pivot data by month in SQL and output to a temporary tableThere are some things that aren't easy to do in SQL as you'd like. I don't know why it has to make the seemingly simple things to complete in Excel so annoyingly tricky. Dynamic pivots is one of those things that is overcomplicated, sure there's plenty of tutorials on the t'internet , but what they all seem to lack is   more »

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The great Indian restaurant lamb scandal?

The great Indian restaurant lamb scandal?Whilst we were out in Tanzania on Safari something wasn't quite adding up, every night at the hotels there was several Lamb dishes to be found on the menu. The thing was vexing me was that despite being in the country for nearly a week and spending at least eight hours a day driving through various types of countryside I'd yet to lay eyes   more »

How to convert a text DDMMMYYY date in SQL

How to convert a text DDMMMYYY date in SQLAs much as I love Excel there are some circumstances where it just doesn't cut it - more than a millions rows and computer says no; some rediculouse vlookup and you could be there for hours. So step in SQL, it can do those aforementioned tasks in a matter of seconds. There are a couple of occasions though where SQL is not king, one of these is   more »

How to set up your Dell E310dw printer the really easy, bloat free way on windows

How to set up your Dell E310dw printer the really easy, bloat free way on windowsOne of the common themes of the computer industry is to try to install a load of bloat on your computer under the guise of making it easier for you, well when I first got my Dell E310dw and had a flick through the setup guide to head off any such shinangans I noticed they had some sort of 'universal' installer. Trying not to fall for that   more »

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