Chilterns Red Kite road ride

Chilterns Red Kite road rideFollowing a visit to Windsor castle we stopped off for a road ride in the Chilterns. We had read that you can see red kites in the area so I was particularly excited to combine a bicycle ride with wildlife watching! I had hoped to see at least one red kite and I was not disappointed! We spied many red kites on the drive to Watlington and upon   more »

Gower Peninsula Circular road ride

Gower Peninsula Circular road rideThis was a landmark ride in a way for me as usually when we go camping I leap upon the opportunity to take the MTB somewhere new, but somehow I persuaded myself into taking the road bikes instead. Maybe it was the lack of some really decent trails or the fact as we'd be in my sister's tent there'd be enough room to bring my retro   more » is launched - Phil Cam is live! is launched - Phil Cam is live!The momentous day for Phil has been reached, his tank hosted server has launched! His Samsung Galaxy S2 server is live and pumping out his very own website. Phil is said to be delighted with his web 2.0 upgrade  and is looking forward share the images of the tank to the whole world. He says he's not finished yet and is working in the   more »

Set up a Wireless IP Webcam for free

Set up a Wireless IP Webcam for freeThis a hack for repurposing an old android handset as an ip webcam - all you need is your old unused android smartphone and the free app IP Webcam. Heres a rundown own the steps you need to go through, I'll take you through more of the detail below. Steps Find the old android device you'll be using and connect it to your wireless   more »

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