Continental GP4000S - correct install orientation/rotation direction

Continental GP4000S - correct install orientation/rotation directionWant to know in which direction to install yor new Continental GP4000S tyres? read on.... Not that the sipings have any effect on performace (I did read an article somewhere in which the representative from Continental said that customers expect them so thats why they are on there), but it is nice to know you've installed them in the correct   more »

Giant P-R3 Tyre Review

Giant P-R3 Tyre Review Giant P-R3 Tyre Reviewed by Martin Childs Front weight 285g, £20 Rear weight 287g, £20 A solid performer, decent enough quality for a stock tyre. These tyres originally came from Ali's 2012 Giant Defy 1. The bike arrived with a slow puncture which eventually gave way a couple of rides into ownership. I had bought some   more »

Wilko Performance Lubricant cycle oil review

Wilko Performance Lubricant cycle oil review Wilko Performance Lubricant Reviewed by Martin Childs Wilko, £2.49 (£25 per litre) All the lubing you need at a lower price. One thing that really winds me up is the commercialisation of cycling. This includes when companies take some generic product stick a label on it with the picture of a bike and charge many times the price.   more »

Chilterns Red Kite road ride

Chilterns Red Kite road rideFollowing a visit to Windsor castle we stopped off for a road ride in the Chilterns. We had read that you can see red kites in the area so I was particularly excited to combine a bicycle ride with wildlife watching! I had hoped to see at least one red kite and I was not disappointed! We spied many red kites on the drive to Watlington and upon   more »

Gower Peninsula Circular road ride

Gower Peninsula Circular road rideThis was a landmark ride in a way for me as usually when we go camping I leap upon the opportunity to take the MTB somewhere new, but somehow I persuaded myself into taking the road bikes instead. Maybe it was the lack of some really decent trails or the fact as we'd be in my sister's tent there'd be enough room to bring my retro   more »

Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB ride

Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB rideThis route is a goto classic of mine, the north loop ridden clockwise, the climbing is pretty easy but there are some cracking descents. The south section is ridden anti-clockwise - it is not so imperveous to being wet and sloppy in the winter months, but give it a bit of frost and it'll be good to go. The highlight of the ride is the decent   more »

Moel Famau Double - MTB route

Moel Famau Double - MTB routeThe Clwydian Mountain range is and Area of Outstanding natural beauty. Once you gain a bit of height anywhere the views are stunning and on a clear day you can see over to Merseyside and Snowdon. I seem to ride here a lot in winter as most of the going is on well engineered paths and fireroad so is enjoyable even through the roughest of   more »

Peaks road quicky (aka the Sarah Storey ride)

Peaks road quicky (aka the Sarah Storey ride) For some reason given that I ride offroad way more than I do my road bike, my first ride post is fully on-road... This route developed from the want of a ride encompassing some great climbs of the peaks without the boredom of the 30km journey there and 30km back! So the hunt was on for a place to park up - as usual for me it needed to be   more »

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