Virgin Money Faster Payments Service payment limits (FPS)

Here's another banking industry con, artificial  Hi Marty Thanks for getting in touch. The maximum amount you can withdraw via the Faster Payment Service (FPS) is £100,000 per day. Faster Payments can take up to 2 hours to hit the recipient bank but will arrive no later than the end of the next business day. This is an   more »

How to log and plot network activity graph on a Raspberry Pi

When I first got the pi up and running as a webserver and implemented some WAN logging I was freaked out by the amount of probing going on eminating from remote computers. There's always the fear that some unscrupulious hacker has taken over your pied-and-joy (see what I did there!) and using it to route some more than illegal traffic through   more »

The ultimate travel wine glass

The ultimate travel wine glassIt was whilst perusing my local Quality Save where I happened upon an old skool jam jar for sale that my mind caught upon something but I couldn't quite figure it out.... The mason jar in question was a heavy old thing which had an integrated drinking handle, it was this that provoked my attention - I am regularly in the need of on-the-go   more »

Disc braked road bikes - the final verdict

   more »

Custom sprocket ratios for 9 speed Campagnolo 12-26

Custom sprocket ratios for 9 speed Campagnolo 12-26One of the great thing Campagnolo pays particular attention to that other manufacturers often overlook is gear ratios. A regular rider might only notice jumps between sprockets when they are excessive such as on super wide blocks, the reason for this is that we automatically compensate for a non optimal cadence by slowing down or speeding up. The   more »

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