A datedif function for excel that calculates correctly

This is one of those little quirks in excel that's annoyed me for a while, there must be some method in their madness but I've yet to come across anybody that thinks it is logically the way forward; so I've written one for you to use. The way the in-built function works is that it reports back the answer as how many months apart are   more »

Create custom Excel function using an array/range input

My new adage of "You only know what you know how to google" - Martin Childs, 2016 stood true for this little puzzler, the answer wasn't apparent from simply googling it! All I wanted was to do something to a range input in a custom Excel function, easy you'd think - not in this case. I toiled for a bit of time before conceding that   more »

Excel: create static random number generator function which doesn't change

The random function in excel is a bit lacking if you ask me, I may only use it a little but when I do it is always frustrating that when I want to assign random numbers to a list of something Just wack this in your spreadsheet or personal macros workbook: then you are free to use   more »

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