Best case for Sony a5000 a5100 with 16-50mm lens

Best case for Sony a5000 a5100 with 16-50mm lensAfter a serious amount of pestering from Ali over the last six months it seems I have caved and bought her the camera that she's been after for a while now to pursue her newly found hobby. I'd been looking at Sony's offerings of their a5/6xxx cameras for a while and whilst I was confident the base a5000 model would more than suffice   more »

Rivington MTB ride

Rivington MTB rideI'd been itching to ride Rivvy ever since I realised that it was here that they held the Manchester Commonwealth games. I'd had a couple of attempts which ended up not being that great but it is when I happened across this route that the trails really hotted up. This route takes in the (obligatory for me) broken road descent and a lap   more »

How to add an auto incrementing ID field in SQL server

So it turns out that SQL is really quick to pick up, once you have the (very) basics down everything you need to do fall intuitively into place as it is all based on the first principals of a select statement. And even if you do get stuck all answers are a very rapid google search. The biggest trouble I have with starting off programming any new   more »

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Pass the Pigs Ultimate Travel Edition with scorecard download

Pass the Pigs Ultimate Travel Edition with scorecard downloadWe are great fans of travel games in our household, they literally travel the world with us. I'm not saying that the original casing for pass the pigs is enormous but when you are only taking a messenger sized bag for a week away every inch counts. The system we run with is to use my custom printed scorecards (see download link below) and   more »

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