Explode - the must have excel add in

Excel's built in formula auditing tools is and always has been rubbish, sure you may have got used to how they work and feel quite competent/happy with it - but the Explode excel addin will blow your mind!

If you work with excel a lot and you don't use the add in Explode you're in one of two camps:

  • not a power user, or
  • both amazed at how you've gone without it thus far in life; and super annoyed that it's taken this long to find it!

Explode is pretty old now (but as useful as ever) and the great peops over at XL-Logic.com who authored it have long since taken their website down, but you can still access it from their download page from here, (my mirror, another mirror).

Update 9-Jun-2016:  see my blog post, don't download the addin from google's first hit of Clubfinance Project Finance as is a really old version.

To install:
Extract explode.xla from the zip to any folder, then this (for Excel 2007) go to Excel Options, Add-Ins, then 'Manage: Excel Add-Ins', 'Go...'. Broswe to the file you just extracted and you are away.

To use:
Just right click a cell containing a formula and select 'Explode...' and you are away. You can then trace both the pecedents and dependants with ease.

A powerful, intuitive, easy to use, and FREE formula auditing tool. Designed by a professional financial modeller to be used by experts and newbs alike. Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Imagine using the audit arrow feature on a formula and then tracing each precedent or dependent to find out what the value is and then finally returning back to that origin cell. Imagine if you could automate that process and display all that information instantly in a well organized interactive format. Now that would be a great formula auditing tool! One day I stopped wishing for it and just built it. Now you can have it too.

Stay tuned for some more excel goodness, I've got a blog post about another super usefull util, Name Manager, coming up.

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