An enhanced name manager for Microsoft Excel

An enhanced name manager for Microsoft ExcelNamed ranges are one of those marmite things in Excel, either you use them or you don't. I sit between the two camps and my utilisation depends on two things: Firstly who the end user will be and whether they'll need to interact with them. The other is a timesaving thing - their use will depend on if it will save me time over the long   more »

Explode - the must have excel add in

Explode - the must have excel add inExcel's built in formula auditing tools is and always has been rubbish, sure you may have got used to how they work and feel quite competent/happy with it - but the Explode excel addin will blow your mind! If you work with excel a lot and you don't use the add in Explode you're in one of two camps: not a power user, or both amazed   more »

Excel - Add comment directly into formulas

Excel - Add comment directly into formulasEver known anybody who hardcodes numbers into formulas? Does it drives you mad because they leave no explanation of why? Well this may be the function you should tell them about. You can use the N() function to add a comment inline with a formula. What it actually is mean't for is to try to convert a string into a number, but if you just put   more »

Excel - Calculating Pi

Excel - Calculating PiIf you are finding the inbuilt excel function for =Pi() is just a bit too dull, there a handy function to calculate Pi on the fly. You may want to use it sparingly though, too many times in one spreadsheet or to many decimal places and you'll grind to a halt as it is a bit processor hungry!: Function myPi(places) 'Places is the number of   more »

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