Roasted Monkey Nuts review

Roasted Monkey Nuts review Roasted Monkey Nuts Reviewed by Martin Childs £1.00 per 250g Nutrition per 25g as consumed: 155kcal; 12.0g fat (2.1g saturates); 7.1g protein; 2.6g carbs ;trace salt. Quality snacking at a good price. These roasted monkey nuts really are great, their roasted flavour really does make them much more tasty than their regular plain   more »

Chorizo and Pepper Pasta

Chorizo and Pepper Pasta Chorizo & Red Pepper Pasta Recipe By Martin Childs Super tasty, super cheap and super easy - what else do you need for a dish! I normally make a very similar-ish meal with sliced pepperoni, but having been seduced in sainsburys by a chorizo ring I don't think I'm going back! The texture it adds to the dish makes it for me plus   more »

Alison and Martin's Carbonara

Alison and Martin's Carbonara Pork & Mushroom Carbonara By Alison Hardy & Martin Childs A quick cheap and tasty twist on your traditional dish I'm a fan of Carbonara but don't care so much for pancetta, it's more than double the price for what amounts to basically bacon. I don't like using regular bacon in the recipe either - I only buy thick cut   more »

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