Creating hyperlinks in Excel that are relative & actually work

Creating hyperlinks in Excel that are relative & actually work If you've ever tried to create a hyperlinks in excel you'll know what a pain they are. The hyperlink tool on the Insert ribbon is quite useful, but it is a pain to create a lot of them. The big problem however is that they are not relative - if you add more columns or rows suddenly your hyperlink is pointing to the wrong place. You could   more »

Excel Sunrise & Sunset Calculator    more »

Raspberry Pi - record uptime

Raspberry Pi - record uptimeWell, i had pre-written a post celebrating a whole year of uptime for my RaspberryPi - guess I shouldn't have jinxed it! On Friday I came home to find the Pi unresponsive to web access, putty & vnc. There was noting for it and I had to suck up the loss and kill the power, oh well I shouldn't be to disappointed, 345 days is a respectable   more »

Ali goes viral

Ali goes viralWell almost.... After Ali's niece has been addicted to watching unwrapping videos on YouTube, she decided to blog her birthday presents opening. Turns out she's quite a good blogger, admittedly I'all have to up my camera skills but you can judge for yourself on   more »

Bluetooth Selfie Remote button mapping (AB Shutter 3)

Bluetooth Selfie Remote button mapping (AB Shutter 3)So I've got myself a one of those bluetooth selfie buttons, but before you start slating me for being one of those plonkers - I am using it for other remote control purposes... The off road satnav loaded with OS Maps which I use for navigation on my MTB sits in a waterproof case attached to my stem. The whole setup is great, I don't have   more »

How to run a command to switch the audio between your HDMI and monitor

   more »

Best place to sledge in Manchester

Best place to sledge in ManchesterThe only real source of places to sledge I've found is this article from the Manchester Evening News. There's a couple of good spots there but there appears to be a glaring omission - there's nothing in the Peak District, but you are probably not going to find a great hill without a bit of local knowledge! Lyme Park comes close to it   more »

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