Raspberry Pi - record uptime

Raspberry Pi - record uptimeWell, i had pre-written a post celebrating a whole year of uptime for my RaspberryPi - guess I shouldn't have jinxed it! On Friday I came home to find the Pi unresponsive to web access, putty & vnc. There was noting for it and I had to suck up the loss and kill the power, oh well I shouldn't be to disappointed, 345 days is a respectable   more »

Excel - Calculating Pi

Excel - Calculating PiIf you are finding the inbuilt excel function for =Pi() is just a bit too dull, there a handy function to calculate Pi on the fly. You may want to use it sparingly though, too many times in one spreadsheet or to many decimal places and you'll grind to a halt as it is a bit processor hungry!: Function myPi(places) 'Places is the number of   more »

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