Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB ride

Hayfield figure of eight route - MTB rideThis route is a goto classic of mine, the north loop ridden clockwise, the climbing is pretty easy but there are some cracking descents. The south section is ridden anti-clockwise - it is not so imperveous to being wet and sloppy in the winter months, but give it a bit of frost and it'll be good to go. The highlight of the ride is the decent   more »

Moel Famau Double - MTB route

Moel Famau Double - MTB routeThe Clwydian Mountain range is and Area of Outstanding natural beauty. Once you gain a bit of height anywhere the views are stunning and on a clear day you can see over to Merseyside and Snowdon. I seem to ride here a lot in winter as most of the going is on well engineered paths and fireroad so is enjoyable even through the roughest of   more »

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